Students skip trick-or-treating


Anarely Diaz

This cicero home is ready for trick-or-treaters this upcoming weekend

Anarely Diaz , reporter

The majority of people from Morton East won’t go trick or treating this Halloween.

According to ABC7 news, recently, Chicago’s suburbs started releasing rules for this Halloween. Currently, residents are setting hours and rules for this upcoming trick or treating to stay safe during the pandemic. For those planning to participate, they have to make sure to be socially distant, wear a mask and go in small groups. Prior to this, public health officials gave an opinion that it is safest to celebrate Halloween at home. They are leaving it up to the residents if they want to welcome kids at home who trick or treat this year. In a random poll of 55 Morton East students, 35 are not going trick or treating this Halloween.

“I personally think it’s not a safe idea to go trick or treating because the majority are little kids and strangers are giving them candy that we don’t know where it’s been, and during this pandemic it could increase the cases of covid-19,” Senior Alondra Olmos said.

Some others think people won’t care and just want their freedom.

 “It is not safe because a lot of people are going to go out to trick or treat because they’ll find this as an excuse to go out and not be inside.  By this, the virus can spread a lot, and our goal is to stop spreading it,” Senior Ozziel Fernandez said.

Sometimes it’s possible that people who have covid-19 won’t participate

“It’s not going to be safe because I bet people are going to not wear their masks and are going to be interacting a lot, but, at the same time, I feel like people with COVID or people who are sick will not participate in any of it,” Senior Jorge Ayala said.

Trick or treating is fun just be sure to wear masks and sanitize often.

“I don’t live in Cicero, but yes I do plan to take my kids trick or treating assuming the town I live in allows it. They will be wearing masks and hand sanitizing often. My husband and I decided that since they will be outside and will only be with our family it is a relatively low risk activity,” marketing teacher Ms. Peggy Stefano said.

Buying own candy and spending time with family could be better for safety.

“I will not be taking my kids trick or treating because of the number of uncertainties that exist during this pandemic.  I don’t want to put any added pressure on people that are High-Risk so therefore I feel I’m doing my part.  I will buy my kids big bags of candy and let them go to town,” CrossFit teacher Mr. Miguel Romero said.