Life may not return to normal post COVID-19


Alexa Rocel

Everyone is responsible to wear their masks in Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm. My nephew Derick is wearing his Mickey Mouse mask.

Alexa Rocel, reporter

Nearly everyone wants life to return to normal, as it was before Covid-19, but some changes may be here for good.

According to WTTW news, since COVID-19 many people have realized that working from home is more beneficial  because they are able to get their work done easier online. Currently, some doctors have become telehealth providers who consider which visits need to be in-person or  remain online. Interestingly, experts believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will not be over soon; there is a possibility that it will affect everyone over time. Experts are not fully sure if there will be a vaccine to prevent one from being infected or treatments that will make the symptoms less severe.

In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 48 students reported they miss how life was before COVID-19.

“After the pandemic, the older society and liberal part of society will most likely be scared, still wearing masks to protect their health and do what is right. Moreover, the conservative side of society and younger generation will overlook the effects of the pandemic and go back to normal, no social distancing, no masks. As for the norm, I don’t think it will go back to normal.  The people and the businesses will still be cautious about large amounts of people indoors. I think it will take more than a year to resume back to that normal life (we were comfortable with) before the pandemic,” Montgomery resident Jailene Trujillo said.

Another person feels the same towards the Covid-19 situation.

“Creo que actuando con un poco de precaución y desconfianza que se vuelva a vivir otra situación igual. No creo que las cosas vuelvan a la normalidad porque el temor a volver a vivir un a catástrofe como esta donde la incertidumbre de que la muerte te toque a ti,” Cicero resident Mayra Rocel said.

A student from Morton East High School thinks the world around us will look more cautious after Covid-19.

“The way I think society will look after this pandemic will be more careful and keep safety guidelines with everyone in public. I don’t think things will ever go back to being normal because this pandemic doesn’t seem to have a solution that will eliminate the disease and there are many concerning things to do to keep safe from everyone,” senior Desire Camacho said.

Other people are worried about the urban economy.

“I don’t think things are going back to normal, I believe that companies will realize they don’t need offices to manage a company anymore, so cities will be more empty,” senior Alfredo Guardado said.

One teacher has hope for the economy, partly due to the fact that more at-home mothers will be back at work.

“I think the economy will boost because so many people will be able to go back to their jobs. Many mothers cannot work right now because they have to stay home with their kids for remote learning.  We have a daycare problem in this country and too many women cannot work because of the lack of daycare. Also, service industry workers will be able to go back to work, that was the hardest hit.  So yes, definitely economy will improve because more people will be able to go back to work and will be able to spend on things like travel, dinners, etc.,” social science teacher Ms. Rohde said.