What’s working to help the elderly stay healthy during Covid-19?

Jesus Alanis

So, we need to be taking care of the elderly in our community at this time.

According to Very well news.com “if you’re unsure of how your age or health status influences your risk the best thing you can do is call your doctor”. Your doctor can ensure you that you have prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, supplements, a fully stocked first aid kit, medical devices, equipment and supplies (such as oxygen tanks and wound care materials). If you are exposed to the virus or feel symptoms of the virus contact your doctor and stay 6 feet away from people or isolate yourself.  

“I wouldn’t let my grandparents out of the house since I know that their age group are more likely to get the virus,”said Juan, a senior at Morton East. 

“By going to see if there doing okay and ask if they need anything” said Briza Rodriguez.

“I would buy all the supplies that my grandparents need in this quarantine or if they need anything to call me,” said Jackie, a senior at Morton East.