What’s working to provide health and safety resources for people experiencing homelessness in Chicago?

Zulema Padilla and Christian Munoz

What’s working to provide health and safety resources for people experiencing homelessness in Chicago?

Chicago has been seen as the city that now has many COVID-19 cases. Some people have been wondering what the city has been doing to help the homeless during this pandemic. According to the website, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, they said that “The homeless advocacy and service community stands ready to work with the city, county, and state government to ensure Illinois’ homeless population receives the care and attention necessary to ensure both their and the broader community’s safety.” Here is something that the city of Chicago is doing to help its people. “City-coordinated bulk buying of cleaning supplies from manufacturers to distribute to homeless service providers and people experiencing homelessness Provide shelter, outreach, and health care staff with personal protective equipment.”

We decided to ask a few people about what their thoughts were regarding the precautions being done to insure the safety and health for the people in Chicago and these are their responses:

“I feel the national government could be doing way more than it is actually doing, but the Illinois government is actually doing really good at trying to keep us safe, but I have not really heard about homeless people.” Senior Destiny Salgado said.

“I really feel they should at least give us the graduation ceremony, the government has not been taking precautions for example, Donald trump, when he speaks he does not wear a face mask. I feel this whole thing is unnecessary because families need to go to work but the government does not understand. Homeless people deserve the same treatment as us.” Senior Giselle Marquez said.

Other people feel it’s not as much as a government’s choice, but as an individual choice for people who actually care. “Homeless people really should also take precautions, but I always see them on the street not taking precautions, I feel if a person does not take precautions then they should not get the help at all.” Junior Angel Garcia said.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together, but not all people will have it as easy as others. Some need to go out and risk their lives to get something to eat, others need to stay out because they don’t have where to live.