What’s working to feed children dependent on school lunches

School districts like District 99, District 201 and food banks are giving free lunches for students and parents in need of food. 

According to CNN.com, United Way is using their “COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund” to stock food banks with essential staples to help feed children who rely on schools for meals. This will make it easier to gather free lunches for children and parents. According to https://abcnews.go.com, With coronavirus-related school closures looming, federal lawmakers have proposed a bill that includes help for families that are struggling to feed their kids while at home. Food banks will give out free food to the poor or those people in need and they will always remain open through out these horrible times. School districts like District 99 and District 201 are giving free food for all students and will keep giving food for as long as this continues.  

“I think that free school lunch is a great idea because some families don’t afford food from stores, and it would be a waste to throw food away when you can give it to someone that needs it,” Arizbeth Gallegos said. 

With these dangerous times in our world it is always a good feeling when you are being supported by our schools. 

“I think that providing free lunch to the public is a very good thing because that way people that can’t afford to buy food can stay nutritious during these dangerous times,” Gissel Gallegos said. 

Free school lunches help those parents that don’t have the money to help their own children. 

“School lunch is a good idea because there’s a lot of people in need that are not working and the free lunch is the only things that can keep their children fed,” Mariella Gallegos said.