Treatments and preventions for Covid-19

Covid-19 is rapidly spreading in the U.S. and has surpassed China as the highest amount infected. As a disease with no cure, there are a few treatments and measures to help combat the effects of Covid-19.

  • Dayquil and Nyquil: these off the counter drugs are used to stop flu symptoms, and can be obtained at your nearest store.
  • Basic everyday hygiene: this is a practice that everyone should know. This includes washing every day for 20 seconds before eating, before and after cooking, and not touching hair and face.
  • clean household area: cleaning the household prevents people from getting sick and limits the chances of pests appearing in your bed.
  • disinfect groceries: doing this prevents you from getting infected
  • cover your mouth: This prevents you from contaminating other’s
  • chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: these antibiotics are used to treat inflammatory diseases
  • remdesivir: This is an antiviral medication that treats similar viruses to COVID-19 such as SARS AND MERS. It has been tested with positive results by French and Chinese doctors.
  • vitamin C: Vitamin C supports the immune system and the body.
Maria E. Rodriguez: Drink a lot of water because my boss said its the best thing to do. Also, drink from the tap instead of water bottles.
Adelaido Rodriguez: Try your best to not touch your face even if it feels like its on fire.
Jessica Rodriguez: I prefer to sanitize everything I touch before walking into the house for my children’s safety.