Dulce Mami Cafe new hangout spot?

Dulce Mami Cafe, is located at 3101 South 49th Avenue in Cicero, and features cafe, crepas, paninis, postres y mas!

Dulce Mami Cafe, is located at 3101 South 49th Avenue in Cicero, and features cafe, crepas, paninis, postres y mas!

Surprisingly, not as many students have gone to Dulce Mami Café as expected; but they should.

Dulce Mami is a new café spot in Cicero, Il. There’s a variety of food that you could choose from. There’s a breakfast menu that includes oatmeal with fruit, green salsa chilaquiles, Greek yogurt with fruit, egg omelets, and egg omelets. During the rest of the day, they serve waffles, paninis, tortas, crepes, nachos, and small desserts. It’s the spot to go to in the mornings before school on late starts and the spot to go to afterschool when there’s a half-day. Not only is the café popular within high school students, but also the middle school students like to stop by after school for a treat. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, only 14 students have gone to Dulce Mami Café.

“New spot for coffee and breakfast in Cicero. Friendly service, very clean! Menu is expanding but they have several options as it is as well as pastries and ice cream! A few different seating options, as well!” According to Trip Advisor said.

It seems that people enjoy their pastries and ice cream and other food menus and would like to come back. Not only do they like the pastries and ice cream but they also like the food they serve.

“For being a first-timer, I liked the food. The place feels like home and the people who work there are super nice and sweet,” Senior Paola Masias said.

Not only is it just a normal Café but people feel comfortable and enjoyable when they enter and when they are seated. People feel amazed by how the Café looks overall.

“When I walked in, I notice that it looked like El Dicho aka a telenovela and it felt pretty awesome,” Senior Bryan Ocampo said.

Some people like to visit places that resemble things they like such as a telenovela. If it’s recommended then it must be good, it’s always good to try new things and see if you enjoy it.

“What is most recommend to drink in Dulce Mami is un late especial y pure de calabaza,” Miguel worker there said.

Nutella is very popular I’m sure people would enjoy the Nutella waffles and once they try the rest, they could end up loving Dulce Mami.

“What’s most recommended to eat in Dulce Mami are chilaquiles, Crepas con Lechera y Nutella y waffles con helado,” Miguel work there said.

Dulce Mami is in the Cicero area. They are located at 3101 S. 49th Ave Cicero IL 60804. The most expensive entrée you could buy at Dulce Mami is a Panini and Crepes that are $8.99. The agua de Maricuya has natural fruit plus organic ingredients. You have the option to have fresh-squeezed juice such as orange juice or different variety of drinks.