Students attend Carnivals


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Town president Larry Dominick addresses the crowd at Cinco de Mayo festival.

The carnivals and festivals in Cicero are highly attended by Morton students.  

Did you know? Historically, carnivals were originally a Greek festival. Overtime, carnival traditions spread to Spain, Portugal, and France to New France. The biggest carnival happens in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Two million people per day are on the streets during the carnival.  In a random survey of 181 Morton East students, 106 have gone to a carnival; 75 have not.  

Morton’s own maintenance man Herman Mendoza spends a lot of his time preparing for Town of Cicero carnivals and events.   

“I work in the Special Events Apartment,” Maintenance Herman said. “(Set- up) starts a week before and probably take another week to take down,” Herman added.  

Location and safety are big concerns when planning special events.   

“(Town) events are held (in the park) at (34th and) 35th and Laramie and then also at Town Hall,” maintenance Herman said, “(The parks) have (camera security) CSO and lights that are always on,” Herman added. 

Some people go to the Town carnivals for the rides, some go for the food, and others go for other reasons.   

“After school to get big booty girls,” Senior Oscar Haro said. 

The event coming up is the Houby fest and is running from October 2-6, this event will feature live music, festival foods, rides, and more! Everything is along the “L” Strip behind Cermak Road near Lombard Ave.