Gun control: what side are you on?

Gun control:  what side are you on?

Most Morton East students surveyed don’t necessarily blame gun violence on the availability of guns; they blame the shooters.

Gun control is the regulation of the sale and use of firearms. Every day, 7 children are killed and 12 more are injured with a gun. Gun control has been an issue since the 1900s, going back to federal gun laws. Many gun policy proposals are politically divisive — Democrats on one side, Republicans on the other — but there are some on which Republicans and Democrats agree.   With an increase in mass shootings, politicians agree:  something needs to be done to stop gun violence.  In a random survey of 96 Morton East students, 9 students reported that guns kill people.  The other 87 students think that people kill people.

Students and staff had mixed opinions referring to the issue with gun control.

“The gun by itself is not going to kill anybody unless it gets in the wrong hands,” AP secretary Rosalva Chacon said.

However, others think that controlling guns will make a difference.

“I can’t get into any technical aspects with that, I just know (limited guns) would make a difference in terms of death rates,” senior Uriel Sotelo said.

Some students meet half-way on the issue saying it’s important to increase “regulating the guns and background checking.” Interestingly, others went in a different direction.

“If guns were ever banned, (people would) find other ways to be violent,” an anonymous sophomore boy said.

In addition, many students at Morton East aren’t even aware of the current gun laws.

“I don’t really know nor care about the gun situation happening, (teachers) don’t teach about that, so I have no idea what it even is,” an anonymous junior girl said.