Morton students fish for best sushi places

Dragon Roll is a popular sushi roll.

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Dragon Roll is a popular sushi roll.

Pedro Zuniga, reporter

The majority of Morton students like sushi  — at least among those that have had it.  

In a random survey of 120 students, 31 students haven’t tried sushi,37 don’t like sushi, and 52 enjoy sushi. The original sushi was first developed in Southeast Asia and spread to South China for 7 centuries before making it to Japan according to Sushi is mostly vinegar rice with seafood on the top or a mixture of the two. It is now popular globally and is seen as a typical Japanese food. Local sushi shops in our area are Sushi Junki, located at 6643 West Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn, IL 60402, SEN Sushi Bar, located on 814 S Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL 60304, and Sagano Sushi, located in 60302, 1406, 731 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301. 

“I like sushi because it’s good for you; I like fish sushi instead of the crustacean sushi, and I do not eat jellyfish!” said journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother. 

Although some people only like certain types of sushi, other people don’t like sushi at all.  

“I don’t really like seafood, and most of like sushi has avocado and I am really picky with my food,” said senior student Giselle Uribe.  

While some people their own opinion about sushi, other people haven’t tried sushi at all.   

“I don’t know because I haven’t tried it yet,” said junior student Miguel Salgado, then added, “I’m afraid to try new things.” 

While some people don’t know much about sushi, Other people recommend the sushi they prefer eating.  

“I eat sushi at a local place in Berwyn it’s called Jwok, and there’s this really good roll called sake crunch roll.  Personally, I like sushi for the variety of flavor; there are rolls that come hot or cold, spicy or sour,” said a recent Morton West graduate.