Doja Cat named East’s best artist of year


Hannia Sotelo

Doja Cat was our favorite artist last year at Morton East.

Multiple artists have gained many new fans during the last year, many from blowing up on apps like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Some have been making music for many years but have recently gained a following. The superior selectives chosen for best artist are not far off of range in the genre of music. They range from R&B to hip-hop to pop: all popular with Morton East teens. In a random survey of 51 students, the artist that came on top as Morton East’s favorite was Doja Cat with 20 votes. In second place was Ariana Grande with 11 votes; The Weeknd and Kanye West were tied for third, and coming in last, was Olivia Rodrigo.

Doja Cat’s real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. According to “29 Interesting Facts about Doja Cat,” (, she started making music In 2011. She started gaining popularity in 2012. Her first viral video “Mooo” had over 89 million views by 2017.

Many people love Doja and listen to her regularly.

“To be honest I listen to Doja Cat at least every day. Her music is so good and I cannot get enough of it,” said a Morton East senior, Maya Contreras.

A lot of people feel the same way as her.

“Doja Cat is literally my spirit animal. Every time I want to feel like a bad B, I immediately put on her music,” said Ms. Lopez.

Here is another person that feels the same way.

“I’m so glad she started making music. She is literally the only person I listen to on a daily basis,” said Sofia Flores.

But not everyone like Doja cat, other people have some different opinions on her.

“Honestly, her music got so overplayed. I just got bored of it and think there is better music to listen out there than her,” said another senior, Edwin Landeros.