Spotify Wraps up our Yearly Music

Spotify wraps up the year with all your favorite songs!

According to, “Spotify Wrapped, unwrapped’ by Kelly Pau, “Spotify originally released their first iteration of Wrapped in 2015 as ‘Year in Music,’ a feature for users to look back through their last 365 days via the songs and artists they listened to most. The tool included statistics like the listener’s most played songs and how many hours of music they listened to in total.” Unfortunately it wasn’t as popular as it was now. A few updates and some hype from the community, Spotify wrapped and had almost everyone’s attention at this time of the year. A recent survey from 102 morton east students shows that the average minutes listened was 57,497 and the average genre listened to was corridos, hip-hop, and rap.

“My top artist are Fuerza Regida, Clave 520, and Arsenal Efectivo,” senior Emiliano Betancourt said.

Emiliano’s total minutes from the survey were 91,729!

Interestingly enough some students listen more to sub genres of music like our next student here.

“I really got into drill this year. My favorite drill artist is Pop Smoke,” varsity wrestler Yael Valerdi said.

Drill music is a form of trap music, but it can be violent and the lyrics are a little dark.

Interviews showed that corridos was most talked about.

“I’ve been listening to corridos since as long as I can remember,” senior Marcelo Ortega Said

“I usually only listen to Spanish music and occasionally r&b,” senior Efren Bahena said.

“Rap has always been my go to. My top artist are Lil Durk, Polo G, and Drake,” senior Jesus Perez said.

Looking through the surveys we noticed that 43 students were Drake fans and 13 were Polo G fans.