Students Favorite Streaming Service: Spotify


Haven Ramos, Francisco Ruiz, Manuel Torres, Reporter

Spotify is the number one music streaming service amongst Morton East students.

After roaming the halls of the second and third floor, going from classroom to classroom, we surveyed 87 random students for their favorite streaming platforms. But why? Well I’m glad you asked because not only did we realize asking 87 students for their number one artist and song would take forever, I can’t be bothered writing and researching like a hundred different artists. 

Of the 55 Spotify users, Ms. Lopez had Bad Bunny as her number one artist saying, “He had like 3 albums come out in like a 2 year span and had a lot of features. La santa is my favorite song, and it came out like 2-3 years ago.” It’s no surprise either because with 9.1 billion streams world wide, it’s no secret that he’s number one for many people this year.

This artist peaked at the number 3 spot with his album, “From me to you.” Just one under a bigger artist, Lil Tjay. Despite Anthony Fantano giving his album a 5/10, Quadeca, the artist I’ve been hyping up, was number one in a college seniors Spotify wrap.

“My number one artist is Quadeca. The reason he is my number one is because of how inspirational and poetic his pieces of work are. Every song is completely different from the next, and drives me forward when listening to his music. We have met in the past a couple times and he is a great guy to be around. He will be big one day, and I’m on his side no matter what,” preached college senior Damian Rojas.

If you thought teachers weren’t cool and with the times, English teacher Mr. Ruvalcaba had Polo G as his number one artist, and his hit single “Rapstar,” as his number one song.

“I listened to a lot of music recommended to me. Especially you Haven,” said Ruvalcaba. Brings a tear to my eye that the music I recommend is being played to this day by a teacher

Music teacher Mr. Toms had something to say, or rap. 

“My name is Toms, and i drop bombs, i use Spotify, and if I don’t, I will die.” Well we don’t need you dying Mr. Toms because with Remi wolf as your number on artist this year, I’d be a shame to lose such a great fan.

“But reporter, you said this article was about streaming platforms students use, we only know about Spotify, where are the other platforms?” Glad you said something. Here’s the next platform

An ancient relic, almost obsolete, was thought to cease existence, until 2 security guards said they had Spotify and then switched to Pandora. But what about the students? Only 2 said they use Pandora. You’d think it might make a comeback, but with only 4 known users here in school, so its going to be a hard no. That’s all for the Pandora paragraph. On to the next.

Apple Music. Despite being a billion dollar company, we still pay them for our music, because the word Apple is in it, and we all love Apple don’t we? Well 20 students love it so much that they pay to listen to whatever music they want. Which is either corrido’s, rap/hiphop, or alternative. Best part is, you can get a playlist of your most played songs of the year, and your top 25 songs of all time. Seems pretty cool. In fact, its so cool One senior says,

“I paid like almost a thousand dollars for this damn phone and still have to pay for Apple Music. What a deal.” The 20 students, including myself, who said they use Apple Music probably said the same thing. But what really is the best place to listen to music? Who knows? Its all personal preference.