East students know K-pop

Gissell Guzman, Reporter

Most students at Morton East know about K-pop and have listened to it.

The poll results showed 63% of Morton East students have heard and listened to K-pop.   According to Wikipedia, K-pop stands for Korean pop music.   Originally, K-pop came from South Korea.   Most people don’t know that k-pop also includes different genres including rock, jazz, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country, and classic.  (All these genres also each have their own style — from fashion to singing.)  Most of the K-pop idols are either in groups or solo artists.

Over time, more people in America got interested in different music with different languages.  After K-pop got bigger, people got more interested.  Music videos have a lot to do with popularity.

“I love the synchronized dancing in K-pop. You know there was a student K-pop dance group here at school a couple of years ago. I think Ms. Nina Metzker was the advisor,” journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.

Some fan students have actually taken K-pop to the educational level.

“I heard from Ms. Kepler that a couple of students have actually taken the Seal of Biliteracy Test in Korean because the students self-taught themselves Korean from K-pop songs and videos.  I’m not sure how that did, but I think that’s amazing,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.

Like all music, K-pop has different styles.

“K-pop has different genres and also has solo artists and groups; they also mix both genders.   It’s the same just like (any other) pop music–  just with another language,” student Alison Guzman said.

It’s true music has no barrier you could listen to it in any language you want. Some people discriminate the music because of the language or they tell you to stop listening to it.