Latin beats among top 5 hits of 2020

Gissell Guzman, Reporter

The most popular song of the year was “Yo Perreo Sola” by Bad Bunny ft. Ivy Queen and Nesi. It was the most favorited from Morton East students.

A random survey of 19 students in Morton East said that the song was well-liked and represented Latin people positively.  An interesting fact about Bad Bunny is that he was born in Puerto Rican, his music is also considered bachata, rock, and soul. He is also known for his deep voice and his eclectic fashion sense.

According to Billboard, “Best top pop songs in 2020” “Yo Perreo Sola” represents Latinos in different ways.   Students who voted in google forms liked the song because of the vibe and because of the other artists that were featured.

“(Bad Bunny) is really good at singing.” Cynthia Guzman.

The second song that came in second was Dynamite by BTS this song was the first song written and singed in English by a Korean band and got to the top Billboard top 100 and 200. This kpop group also toured in all stadiums, the first stadium they sold out was the Wembley Stadium.

“They are really good singers and have good dancing skills” Alison Guzman.

The third song that came in third was My Oh My by Camila Cabello.  Some, though, thought the song was not catchy at all.   Of course, people prefer different beats.

“The song is good, even though (Camila) is Latin and sings in English.” Marilyn.

Last song that came in fifth was Positions by Ariana Grande both Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello song were a tied and I guess a lot of people wanted both songs to be the winner.

“ I love the song and I hope it is the number one song.” Arlene Guzman.