Top albums for Morton East students

Adriana Moreno

In a random survey of 70 Morton East students/Cicero residents, 41.43% said YHLQMDLG was the best quarantine album of 2020. a lot of people love bad bunny he’s a Hispanic singer that is from almirante sur, Puerto Rico. he sings Latin trap which is a Hispanic rapper he is very popular in the world, he is 26 years old his birthday is on march 10, 1994, he has been singing since 2016 and from there he has become the most famous Hispanic singer.

“His music is the best to relax to have fun to. Even when your showering you can hear him and jam out,” Junior Andrea Aguirre said.

“Bad bunny music is like more for ladies,” senior Adriana Moreno said.

people there is this thing he always says which “YHLQMDLQ” which is name after the album, but it means he can do whatever which no one telling what to and not do. people hear his music either when they are sad or single, “Junior Fernanda Sanchez

After Hours, by the Weeknd, came in second place with 14 votes. The Weekend is known as a Canadian singer and also songwriter, he has the most chill music ever out going music. he is only 30 years old and is one of the top Canadian artists in this world. this man has won a lot of awards in the past years.

“the weeknd is very unique and amazing voice for his age also he has a good sense of style” friend from Washington Julianne Rios said.

My Turn, by lil baby, came in third place with 13 votes. he is an American rapper, singer, and a song writer from Atlanta, Georgia. he is one of the best men that sing trap music he started his singing career in 2016 and still going on with his career. he has been nominated for awards, he was named for three Grammy awards ,American music awards , MTV video music ,BET Awards .

“ he has such an amazing voice , he started at a young age but he still keeps going with amazing music , talented man” freshman Luis Moreno said.