Lil Baby top rapper for Morton East students

Lil Baby won the best artist of the year.

Jose Mendez

In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 18 said Lil Baby was the best rapper of 2020.

According to, “The remarkable raised of Lil Baby” by Rolling Stone “Lil Baby is, by many metrics, the most popular rapper in the world right now. He has the most-streamed album in the country this year, and even with projects from rappers like Drake or pop stars.” Polo G came out on top as well 11 students said they favorite rapper was Polo G. According to “Polo G: Artist you need to know” by Rolling Stone “Polo G has a record deal, a hit song, and two critically acclaimed albums, but he considers one of the greatest accomplishments to be simply making it to age 21. Surviving a violent childhood in Chicago.” Lil Baby owned 2020 by clocking 20 billion plays across platforms.

“Lil Baby is my favorite rapper because I enjoy listening to his music in fact when I go to work I listen to his albums,” Morton East student Giovanni Rodriguez said.

DaBaby came in third place with 9 votes.  According to “yahoo” DaBaby had one of the most streamed songs of summer 2020 is “Rockstar” by DaBaby (featuring Roddy Rich) with more than 380 million streams.

Drake came in fourth place with 8 votes.  According to “” The Canadian rapper racked up over five billion streams on Spotify.