Morton East underclassmen hardly listen to reggaeton


Senior Paola Masias listening to China by Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna, and J Balvin

Daniel Ramirez and Bryan Ocampo

Surprisingly, many of the younger Morton East students do not listen or hardly to reggaeton music while mostly all the upperclassmen and staff do.

Reggaeton is a type of music genre that has been on the come up in the last year and a half. Bringing amazing vibe and rhythm to keep the body moving and just having fun. Reggaeton became popular in the early 1990s with the younger group. Reggaeton started as an adaptation of Jamaican reggae to the Spanish language and overall culture in Panama and Puerto Rico. Although many teens listen to reggaeton some are afraid to admit their likings due to crowds they hang out with or other reasons. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 36 reported that they listen to reggaeton. (As we were doing this survey, some raised their hands but quickly put their hand down so we wouldn’t count it.)

“I love old school reggaeton more than new school because it’s not like the new school type where you barely understand the lyrics and it’s not audio tuned,” Principal of Morton East Mr.Gamboa said.

Some of the staff prefer old school reggaeton than new school reggaeton. Also, many of the upper-class students prefer listening to old school reggaeton as well.

“Old school reggaeton the beat was better and catheter and new school reggaeton are nastier and a song I would recommend is “Tu Sicaria” by Ms. Nina,” senior Zulema Padilla said

Although people like old school reggaeton, many who started to listen to reggaeton prefer new school reggaeton more than old school.

“I started to listen to reggaeton the summer of 2019 because of the song “Soltera” ever since then I’ve been listening to reggaeton,” senior Evelyn Rosales

Surprisingly someone could change their mindset when starting to listen to reggaeton such as listening to one song.
“After listening to “China” by Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee & Karol G I would create songs in a reggaeton mixed with some rock,” music teacher Mr. Toms said.

Many people hardly listen to reggaeton because either he/she thinks it’s out of their style or they just didn’t get with it when it became popular.

“it’s never too late to listen to reggaeton.” senior Paola Masias said.

Reggaeton has been around for a pretty long time — since 1970. Panama was the first country to originate reggaeton. Puerto Rico is the country who kept coming up with music. Daddy Yankee is the founder of reggaeton; he’s been around ever since it started. One famous artist of reggaeton that has a coming up is Bad Bunny.