Morton East students Go-to Hot Chocolate

As winter approaches us so does the craving for hot chocolate. There are many ways people enjoy their hot chocolate, whether it’s hot or frozen, or made with water or milk, it will always be the perfect beverage for a cold winter’s day.  

Many people think hot chocolate is bad for you but according to Hot chocolate can be thought of healthy because it has antioxidants. Also, in the late 1800’s doctors used hot chocolate to cure diseases. Many believe that the first hot chocolate was made by the Mayans 2000 years ago and up till this day it’s one of the most popular winter drinks. In a random survey of 87 Morton East students, 28.7% said Dunkin” Donuts, 32.2% said Starbucks, 25.3% said McDonald’s, and 13.8% said Dulce Mami. 

Dunkin’ Donuts  Starbucks   McDonald’s   Dulce Mami  
25  28  22  12 

 We asked students at Morton East how long does it typically takes them to make hot chocolate. “I don’t make it, I drink it.” Morton East student Antonio Robles said. A lot of people typically tend to just go buy hot chocolate instead of going through the hassle of making it.  

We asked students at Morton East what their favorite brand of hot chocolate. “Chocolate Abuelita,” Morton East Students Sebastian Viurquiz, Rogelio Rodriguez, Antonio Robles, Brandon Sanchez, and Erik Calva said. Most students at Morton East are of Mexican heritage and Chocolate Abuelita is a drink that is made often. It is especially made in the winter times as the weather gets colder. 

We asked students at Morton East if they drink their hot chocolate alone or with something on the side. Some students stated that they like drinking hot chocolate alone, but many students drink their hot chocolate with something on the side.

“I drink my hot chocolate with a concha.” Said Morton East student Rogelio Rodriguez. (Conchas are a type of Mexican sweet bread roll).

“I drink it with pan dulce,” said Morton East student Eric Calva. Many students here at Morton East tend to drink their hot chocolate with a Mexican bread on the side, many students find it more convenient to accompany their hot chocolate with a snack.