Christmas cuisine: traditional tamales, pozole, mole…and fish?

Alexia Blancas, reporter

Most students and staff in Morton East cook traditional food for Christmas.

According to GoodtoKnow “The most important food to have on the Christmas dinner table is food you love. If you hate sprouts, don’t have them! If the kids want ketchup rather than gravy – what’s the harm in letting them? Don’t have anything on the table you don’t enjoy and look forward to in a meal.” Many people enjoy their once a year dish on Christmas for dinner and other’s make different dishes each year. In more than any other subject a lot of people do not make the traditional turkey for Christmas dinner and families agree on a specific meal. Yet, many people just cater food due to having a lot of people over for Christmas dinner and it makes the cooking easier to enjoy the Christmas evening. Though, there’s always someone who doesn’t mind doing all the cooking for the traditional meal to make it a special night and enjoy dinner. However, in a random survey of 100 students 62 said their family cooks a traditional meal each year.

“My family cook’s tamales every Christmas, its nothing new, it’s a traditional meal & we hand make them every year,” student at Morton East, Cassy Menes said.

Another student from Morton East, Brenda Malvaez agrees with Cassy Menes.

“My family all gets together like two nights before Christmas to make tamales. We make pozole, tamales, mole, corn, and sometimes ribs. It’s a traditional meal we’ve been doing since my grandma got her own house,” student at Morton East, Brenda Malvaez said.

One of Morton East staff, Ms.Kozlowski agrees with the student Cassy and Brenda.

“My family is Polish so there are traditional polish Christmas dishes. Christmas Eve is the most important night and in a traditional Polish household you are not allowed to eat meat on Christmas Eve. There are a lot of fish dishes. Borscht is a traditional Christmas Eve soup in a polish household, and there are pierogi (no meat though!). You are also supposed to have 12 dishes to signify the apostles and we break a Christmas wafer with each guest at the table,” Morton East Dean, Ms.Kozlowski said.

While most people cook traditional meals for Christmas, student from Morton East Keren Llort shows otherwise.

“My family makes this kind of torta with spicy meat, it’s not really traditional we eat different meals at times, it just depends on who’s cooking the day of Christmas.”