Menudo is a Nay!


Menudo is a Sunday broth that is served up in the Cicero community pretty often — but it has mixed reviews.  Students either love it or hate it. 

Menudo is salvation for many people after a tough Saturday night of partying.  It can be a comforting disch when you wake up feeling sort of “off” in the morning with a starving stomach.  For some, only Menudo makes them feel better.  Others consistently crave this delicious cultural dish.  According to USA today 10 Best in their article “What is menudo, and why this stew so controversial in the Southwest?” Menudo hails from Mexico and it is part of Mexican culture — but in the United States residents have adapted.  But, Menudo is not known just as “Menudo” — others call it “pancita or mole de panza” because the meat is from the stomach of a cow, the tripe to be exact.  

In a quick and random survey at Morton East High School of 10 students, four students like menudo, and six students do not like menudo.  Students share their opinion of the dish.  

“Yes, I do enjoy eating menudo and the man thing that makes me think this way is because I’ve eaten all mi life and have created good memories with it and because it has a good taste,” said junior Cristal Perez. 

But, the majority doesn’t feel the same.

“No! It’s not good. Well, I can have the soup but not the meat. I feel like the texture of the meat is so disgusting but sometimes I just craved the “caldito” (broth) with some lime, cilantro, onion, and a tortilla rolled up. That is delicious,” said senior Marisol Saucedo. 

In any language, tastes are different.

“Ewww no! Porque la textura de la carne esta horrible, es como algo sauve y chicloso y no me gusta el sabor del plato completo. Ya nadamás de imaginarme me dio más asco,” said senior Ivette Rendon.