Head to Tacquerias Atotonilco for an authentic Mexican taco experience

Sandy Jimenez Meza, reporter

Taquerías Atotonilco is a Mexican restaurant. I’ve been to that place many times, and I never get bored of the food there.

Taquerias Atotonilco is not far from Cicero.  But, it is actually in Chicago’s Little Village at 3916 West 26th Street.  When you enter the restaurant you immediately get greeted by the cashier.  And, you can always hear the chef chopping meat as soon as you walk in the door. There’s always Mexican music playing and the service staff is fast and friendly.  They make you feel at home. The service is so fast that you receive your food in 5 minutes or less. The place is always well decorated and clean. I highly recommend this place. When I go to Altoltonilco, I always get steak tacos. I love the tacos from there because the meat is easy to chew on and doesn’t have fat.

The topping the taco includes are tomato and lettuce. Their toppings are different than most taco places. The thing that makes the taco 100% better is their green sauce, it’s super spicy but adds a lot of flavor to your food. Their tacos are a bit pricy, but it is worth the price. Their tacos are $2.75 each, their sandwiches are around $4.50-$5.25. They have a variety of food options if you aren’t into tacos. And, they serve all kinds of sodas, shakes, and many different drink choices.  For takeout, call (773) 762-3380.

I 100% recommend this place to Mexican food lovers or someone looking for a good taco place.