Pandemic snacking hits East


Victor Quezada

Brown Cinnamon Sugar and Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts and Maria Cookies

Victor Quezada, reporter

People at Morton have been snacking more since the pandemic started back in March.  

According to the New York Times, earlier, companies that produced snacks during the pandemics’ first few months saw an increase in sales by nearly 30 percent. Since people have been stuck at home, they can eat more due to the accessibility to food and snacks at home. Interestingly, most of the sales increase was caused by the fear of not having enough food during the lockdown. In a random poll of 23 Morton students, 21 students reported eating snacks during the pandemic.

“Rice cakes (are) weirdly (my go-to snack) because someone introduced me to them, and on their own, they’re convenient and light, and I don’t feel like I’m eating something super unhealthy or super heavy, especially being pretty inactive now,” senior Emily Velasquez said.  

Healthy snacks are the go-to snack during the pandemic, but some may choose a less healthy option.

“Turbo hot chips (are) just my favorite snack, and being stuck at home gives me the opportunity to eat them more often,” senior Jonathan Leon said. 

Unhealthy snacks satisfy many students’ urges and keep one’s mind off the things happening during these hard times.

 “Gummy worms and gummy bears keep my mind off the stuff that’s going off at home,” senior Roberto Sanchez said. 

Students aren’t the only ones snacking during the pandemic teachers are as well.

“Throughout the pandemic, I have been trying to avoid having my groceries spoil, which as a result me eating more apples and bananas and other fruits for snacks because I don’t want them to go bad,” math teacher Dalton Elkins said. 

For teachers snacking during the pandemic is nothing new since the start of the pandemic; teachers have been consuming snacks while working at home.

“When we were working from home during the spring, and throughout the summer, I was snacking often! It was very easy to have something next to me while working on something or reading. I was also mindlessly eating often while on break. I had to buy new pants for this school year, for sure,” social science teacher Brenda Lopez said.  

The pandemic has caused people’s lifestyles to change dramatically, restricting people from going out, which means many people are stuck at home consuming more and more snacks.

“Some of my friends have told me that they have been snacking more during the pandemic.  I know a lot of people who have been snacking a lot on Halloween candy, but also just generally snacking because they’re bored and have nowhere to go,” math teacher Dalton Elkins said. 

With people stuck at home during the holidays, snacking has increased, and many people have their personal favorites to munch on during these troubling times.

I have mainly eaten chips as well as pita chips and hummus during the pandemic. Hot chips have been a staple for me for a long time, but since they are in a bag, I can pour them out into a bowl and eat them that way. Pita chips and hummus have actually been a more recent snack since I was trying to find an alternative to the chips while still experiencing the crunch the chips offer,” social science teacher Brenda Lopez said. 

The pandemic has made people find an alternative to their favorite snack, which can change how much someone eats, but it might affect their lifestyle.

“The pandemic hasn’t really changed how much I eat, but it has changed how much I order take-out or fast food,” math teacher Dalton Elkins said. 

For some, the pandemic hasn’t affected as much, but for others, it has lead to eating more, resulting in weight gain.

“Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to! Pandemic weight gain is real. A stressful time plus more time at home equaled an increase in eating. Mainly, my partner has because there’s nothing to do other than to eat or take a trip to the fridge, social science teacher Brenda Lopez said. 

With the world dealing with a global pandemic, snacks have distracted people from reality.