What’s working to feed the young who depend on school lunches?

Brenda Arce and Kensy Figueroa

Due to the outburst of COVID-19 many public places have shut down, this includes schools as well. This has affected many students, but most importantly the children who depend on school lunches. Many parents worry on how they’ll get fed if they can’t food at home.
Many schools have offered free lunch programs to feed these children and teens in need. Morton East has announced that they will give foods for those students in need, on their official Facebook page they stated, ‘Grab and Go breakfast and lunch that are still available for pickup at our campuses!’ this clears up stress for many students who do rely on the school to get food.
According to https://cps.edu/News/Press_releases/Pages/PR1_03_15_2020.aspx ‘CHICAGO – Following the school closure mandate issued by Governor JB Pritzker Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will close beginning Tuesday, March 17. During the closure, all CPS schools will offer free meals for pick up.’ not only that but churches as well have been offering food for those in need, in an article (https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/coronavirus/city-of-chicago-launches-mask-donation-drive-amid-covid-19-pandemic/2261841/) it demonstrates a list of churches available.