Schools Feed Students During Covid-19

Luzedith Ornelas and Evelyn Alejos

District 201 is providing sack lunches for all members of the community to help those in need.

Due to the Coronavirus the Governor of Illinois perform a lockdown in Illinois not allowing anyone to go out, unless to specific necessity’s such as the store, pharmacy, etc. This includes students who attend school, which are now having online classes. Due to the lockdown many students from district 201 and District 99 are being affected by their parents not working and no income equals no food. According to CBS news “A total of 13,000 kids attend District 99 schools and 95% are from low income households”. Which is why families from Cicero can pick up three days’ worth of breakfast and lunch.

“There’s kids who have nothing to eat at this moment, due to most parents that lost their job,” senior Dayana Martinez said.

Several schools and churches had been offering pre-pack breakfast and lunch bags to help people during these very difficult times.

“I’m glad Cicero has a schedule up for parents with kids can pick up their breakfast and lunch from a local school,” Daisy Gonzales a mother of three said.

The School district of 201 and 99 team up to provide thousands of meals to students in the area, according to a survey 70% out of 100% parents are unemployed.

“People need to be taken care during this difficult times,” senior Samantha Rios said.

School employees are working hard to make sure kids have food to eat daily during this crisis point, since it has been very difficult for parents to get access to food.