What’s the best chocolate to get this Valentine’s Day?

Daniela Vargas and Sebastian Pineda

Mustangs prefer Ferrero Rocher on Valentine’s Day.

Every state has their favorite type of chocolate, but Illinois’ favorite chocolate to get is chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day.  According to CandyStore.com, 69% of people prefer chocolate over flowers for Valentines. Approximately 8.2 billion conversation hearts will be produced every year. More than 40 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of people will be lined up outside of Cupid Candy on the South Side of Chicago to purchase chocolate for their significant other. Out of 120 surveys, 55 people prefer Ferrero Rocher as the best chocolate to get on Valentine’s Day.

“V-Day is cute when you have someone to spend it with. This is a day where people get creative to show how much they care about you,” Senior Gabby Marquez said.

People tend to get creative once they have a lover in their life.

“What I’d like to get would be chocolate and flowers,” Junior Carmen Ruiz.

Chocolate and flowers are the common gifts one receives including chocolate-covered strawberries.

“No, because I’m not trying to waste money,” Senior Johnathony Molina said. .

Some people don’t find interest in wasting money on a special holiday as they tend to spend it on something else.

“(I) hate it. It always tends to be packed where one can find Valentine’s items,” Senior Adrian Martinez said.

Stores are packed a week before Valentine’s Day.

“(I) wear jeans and a nice top but if we’re just hanging out at the mall, I would wear a hoodie instead of the top,” Senior Juliana Montes de Oca said.

There is no such thing as a perfect outfit as long as your spending time with your significant other.