Freddy’s Pizza: a slice of history, with pizza

It seems that many students haven’t ever been to Freddy’s Pizza, but those that have been there, say great things about it.

Did you know? Historically, Freddy’s Pizza was first established on Cicero, 50th avenue and 14th and then they moved to their current location which is 1600th south 61st avenue. The owner use to be an employee who worked at Freddy’s for five years. Freddy’s is a pizzeria and a meatball market. All Italian ice and gelato are homemade. They only accept cash and checks. In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 80 have not tried Freddy’s pizza while 40 have.

The owner of Freddie’s and his wife answered these questions:

Do you feel stressed on busy days?
“Sometimes when we run out of something, we guarantee in fifteen or twenty minutes there’s going to be another pizza coming out, another big bowl of pasta of ravioli,” The owner’s wife Ann Marie said.

How long have you been the owner?
“I’ve been here for forty-four years and to me, it’s part of my life,” Owner Giuseppe Quercia said.

So, how do students feel about this community pizza hot spot?

“I’ve been going to Freddy’s for so long, the owner knows me already and they are so friendly and it’s also very good,”sophomore Helen Leon said.

It shows that two different people have different taste buds and opinions. Some people like the pizza and some don’t.

“No, I don’t recommend it because the thin crust pizza isn’t thin its thick like a deep-dish pizza and it’s not good”. Senior Alex Martinez said.

Others have yet to try Freddy’s for themselves.

“No, I haven’t, but I would be interested in trying it because I heard its good,” sophomore Diana Gomez said.