Subway versus Jimmy Johns


Domonic Urtiz former Sophomore eating a sandwich.

Subway is better than Jimmy Johns — at least for the Morton East campus.

To begin with, you could get creative at Subway, with all the different types of bread they offer. On the contrary, Jimmy Johns only has two types of bread. Also, Subway lets you make your sandwich, which is nice for someone picky. To add on, Subway has more topping options including pickles. Surprisingly, Jimmy Johns was founded by a 19-year-old. Jimmy Johns was going to be a hot dog stand. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 75% prefer Subway than Jimmy Johns.

“Regarding customer service, Subway is a little slow because they usually have only one person or two making the sandwiches,” senior Yulicsa Govea said.

Others seem to agree.

“I get more Subway because usually, people think that its healthier than Jimmy John’s,” senior Sarai Dominguez said.

Although some prefer both, they enjoy the healthier option of Subway.

“I mean I love the taste of Jimmy Johns, but I prefer Subway because it has healthier options,” sophomore English teacher Mrs. G said.

Regarding finance, Subway usually has better deals, and is overall less expensive.

“The taste of Jimmy Johns is better, but I usually go to Subway because it’s faster and cheaper,” journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother said.

Some might not know of the background of these restaurants.

“I prefer Subway because the owner of Jimmy Johns contributes to animal hunting of endangered species and there have been pictures of him doing that,” senior Selena Torres said.