Mexican or American cuisine, which one is more popular?


The majority of Morton East students prefer to eat Mexican food — but American food is a close second.

According to a survey of 85 students at Morton East High School, when students go out to eat on half days, 59% tend to choose a Mexican restaurant over an American one.  Our survey also shows that 40% chose Los Comales as the best mexican restaurant in town; the other 35% of the people chose American food but it does not beat the fact that mexican food is the most popular.

People in the United States like both American & Mexican food. Both are super popular in the U.S, Mexican food is popular because it’s full of flavor. Mexican foods are well-loved in the US because it contains fresh ingredients from all food groups. Their food is flavorful and Most Mexican food is affordable. Mexican restaurants are popular because of these reasons, Mexican food is an important part of America’s cultural heritage.

“I prefer Mexican food over American food because ever since little I grew up trying those authentic Mexican dishes,” senior Melissa Muniz said.

Growing up with a Mexican family means trying new things from many different Mexican states that have a variety of different foods.

American food is part of the American culture and there is so much to the concept of it because they come with some pretty good and strange combinations that make American food is the greatest.
“American food has to be the best out there because who does not like burgers or hotdogs? They’re pretty good and it,s part of our culture,” junior Sergio Camargo said.

“Omg, I love Mexican food, It’s so good. Whenever you eat Mexican food it feels like you are at home!” senior Alexis Carranza said.

In conclusion, Morton East students prefer the fresh taste of tacos and gorditas over burgers and slices of pizza.