East students are frugal with makeup

Morton East prefers inexpensive makeup.

At our school, we often see many girls/guys wearing makeup but does every makeup user at our school know what good quality in-expensive makeup to go for? We intend to help with any beauty tips we can offer and any recommendations about makeup and even skin care.

Our team has gone around to multiple classrooms with a survey asking about makeup techniques/preferences. Based on the surveys we found that multiple makeup users prefer to use inexpensive makeup. Most girls buy inexpensive makeup such as Wet n wild, Elf, Maybelline, Nyx and L.A girl. These brands have good quality makeup at a reasonable price.

In our survey, we asked for a specific brand preference, preference of full face makeup versus natural makeup, and whether students wear makeup every day.  The survey concluded that at Morton East there is a natural makeup preference and that most students do not like to do their makeup everyday. This shows how the inexpensive makeup we will be referring our classmates to is very convenient since it will not be worn everyday. The purpose of the inexpensive makeup brands we are recommending is to make sure our class looks good with affordable makeup that gives the smooth base illusion.

Taking off your makeup at night is important. Most people that took our survey stated that at night they take their makeup off, but why is it important? Well, by taking off your makeup it prevents breakouts, getting dark spots on the face, and redness.

In a survey of women 16+ in 2022, only 40% of women say they wear makeup daily;  20% of girls prefer to not were makeup  and have a natural look.  

Interestingly, the history of makeup goes back around 6,000 years ago when we got a bit of a glimpse of it by the Egyptians. The reason for them to put it on was to show wealth and to appeal to the gods. One main product they would use was eyeliner — to impress the gods.