H&M takes best clothing store of 2021

Fatima Garcia , Reporter

H & M is the best clothing store of 2021, survey says.

In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 30 selected H & M as their favorite.

The first H & M  store opened in Sweden in 1947, but it was only called “Hennes” which means “Her” in Swedish.  “Hennes” only sold women’s clothes.  But, later in 1968, another men’s clothing brand, Mauritz hunting anf fishing gear, decided to work with Hennes, and then the store began to sell both women’s and men’s clothes. The name was eventually shortened from “Hennes & Maurtiz” to “H & M” in 1974. 

What are Morton East students other favorite stores of the year?  Old Navy came in second with 14 votes and Forever 21 came in third along with Burlington and Ross.