Favorite shoe releases in 2021


English teacher Mr. Frankfother shows off the Jordans that student Angel Sibri gave him for Christmas this year.

Although there were a lot of shoe releases in 2021 not all got to the top 5 favorites and the ones that did get to the top 5 were Jordan’s.

Air Jordan 11 in cool grey was the best shoe of 2021, survey says. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 13 selected Air Jordan 11 in cool grey to be their best shoe that 2021 released.

The Jordan 11 in cool grey came out on December 11; they are the most popular shoes out now because they are comfortable, and you can pair it up with anything. These shoes are actually worth their price. The one reason why they are so popular is because its shiny, wraparound patent leather upper. These shoes are Michael Jordan’s favorite models because there not like any other shoes.

There were 2 for second place and they were the air Jordan’s 1 all-star and the air Jordan 4 university blue. The ones that got third place were the air Jordan’s 4 retro techs grey and lastly the ones that got last place were the air Jordan’s 11 low legend blue.