Oversized clothes top fashion trend for Morton students


Scrunchies was one of the options but unfortunately lost to oversized clothes

Melanie Palencia and Marisol Nunez

Oversized clothes was the most popular fashion trend of 2020 for Morton East students.


In a random survey of 285 Morton East students, 48.6% said oversized clothes was more popular in 2020. According to “the oversized clothes you cant live without” by Vouge, in the past everyone was used to wearing uncomfortable clothes because it was professional.  Now wearing baggy and oversized clothes  is also seen as professional, it is just a matter of how you style it. This is why it was very popular in 2020 because people were stuck in quarantine and were experiencing in fashion.


“Oversized clothes is the most popular item of clothing right. I’ve seen it all over Tik Tok recently and its very fashionable,” Morton East senior Margarita Quezada said.

Crocs came in second with 70 votes. Crocs are very fun shoes you can adjust to your liking by adding charms and they are also very comfortable.

“Personally, I think crocs are the best thing in the world because they’re so comfortable and so fun to mix it up with,” Morton East senior Alondra Bustos said.

Air forces came in third with 45 votes. They have been very popular among teens in recent years.

“I picked the air forces because I feel like air forces have always been popular,” Student Carlos Lopez said.

Name jewelry came in third with 22 votes. This is jewelry that comes as a necklace and it either has your name or your significant others name.

“My girlfriend got me one with her name on it and I love it,” Morton East senior Andrik Nava said.

Scrunchies received the fewest votes with a total of 9 votes. They are fun to wear and come in all different types of colors.

“I love scrunchies. Even if they are not so popular, they made a comeback from previous years and they are great,” Morton East junior Jennifer Villagomez said.