Head downtown to see Chicago Christmas Tree 2021


Have you gone to see the Christmas tree downtown? 

 According to “Chicago Christmas Tree” from Chicago Tribune, the first tree light up was in 1913 in Grant Park on Christmas Eve.  In 2015 they moved the tree to Millennium Park. Over time, the tree has changed and the dates for the light up have changed as well. This year the tree light- up was on Friday, November 19. The event started at 6:00 p.m., but the tree lighting was around 6:30. In a recent survey of 103 Morton East students, 82 students said that yes, they have or are planning to go to see the tree lights downtown, while 21 said no.  

 “I went to see the lights so I could take my kids and have some quality time, I did enjoy it because I love downtown and I have lived in Chicago my whole life, I would definitely recommend it to someone else,” Ms. Casillas, the substitute for AP psychology, said.  

 Just like Ms. Casillas, many other people have the advantage of living near Chicago which allows them to have easy access to the tree. Oher people just like her enjoyed their time viewing the lights along with their family. 

 “I went with my family, and I enjoyed it because the lights were Christmas colors and being with the family is nice,” Veronica, the receptionist at the nurse’s office, said.  

 Not only are you able to see the tree downtown but you can also view the lights being decorated all over the city in the company of your family, friends, or partner.  

 “My friends really wanted to go so we went. I really liked the lights because they looked so cool, and I also had time to explore the city. It is a pleasant experience so people should go,” Jayda Serrano, a Morton East student, said. 

 Even if some people do enjoy going to see the tree, not everyone enjoys it, others just enjoy the fact that they get to see other people happy. 

 “I went before with my 3 younger kids and they enjoyed it, but all I could say is that I enjoyed seeing my kids happy. I personally did not really care about the tree,” Wanda, one of the nurses at Morton East, said.  

 Some people just have not had the opportunity of going but are looking forwards to going with their loved ones this festive season.  

 “I haven’t gone to the tree because I have been out of country ever since the tree was lit up, but I plan to go with my dad soon. It could be a cute little date or a hangout idea,” Jazmine Medina, a Morton East senior, said.  

 Just like Jazmine said, the tree is a cute date idea for many people in relationships who are looking for something fun to do this winter.  

 “I went this year, and I actually went the day after the tree was lighten up. It was a little bit packed, but the weather was fantastic.I went with my boyfriend, and I enjoyed it because I went at night, so the lights looked amazing, plus the ice-skating ring was open. I got to spend time with my boyfriend so that made everything better,” Alex Campos, a Morton Pony Express journalist, said.  

 Even if you do not have anyone to go with, it is a fun way to have fun by yourself and have a little adventure downtown. It can be a way for you to feel better if you have things going on.  

 “No, I haven’t gone to the tree because I have been busy with academic activities, and I don’t plan on going any time soon, but I do think it’s a good way of providing a bonding time within the people that go and it’s a chance to release stress from whatever is going on in their lives,” Cristian Padilla, a Morton East student, said.