Novelas still pretty popular among East students

Novellas are Spanish soap operas with daily romance and drama.

Novellas are Spanish soap operas with daily romance and drama.

Andrea Gonzalez and Jasmin Sanchez

Spanish novellas are still watched by a significant number of Morton East students. 

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 34 students reported they still watch novelas — that’s about a third of the population.  According to, Sadly, and even though (novelas are) still part of many people’s lives, their popularity has decreased a lot in recent years.’’  Also, according to, “This statistic presents the share of Americans who watched novellas on TV in the past month in 2018, by age. In that year, 6.31 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 years stated that they watched novellas on TV in the past month.”  But, novelas are also a great way to practice your biliteracy skills.  

“Everyone is so beautiful in novellas.  I watch them sometimes to see if I can understand the Spanish — sometimes I can because of the visual clues and melodrama of the program,” English teacher Kent Frankfother said.  

Still, some teachers lean towards English and classic television.

‘’My favorite TV shows to watch are HOGAN’S HEROS and MCHALE’S NAVY.’’  English teacher Mr.Asay said. 

These classic TV shows can be the favorites of many our teachers here at Morton East. 

’The TV show that I enjoy watching with my family is I LOVE LUCY,’’  English teacher Mr. Asay said. 

Also, Mr. Asay recommends one of these classic especially for students. 

’’The TV show that I recommend for students is WELCOME BACK CARTER’’ English teacher Mr.Asay said.   

Mr.Frankfother agrees, and in true teacher fashion, he has a correction for Mr. Asay spelling. 

‘’Personal favorites of mine as well — except I think you meant Welcome Back, Kotter!  Remember the “sweathogs”?” Mr. Frankfother said.