Television review: “60 Days In”


Rosadelia Ortega, Reporter

60 Days In is a reality television show. It’s well-produced and tightly edited. Overall I liked the show because It gave me an insight into what people actually go through when incarcerated. Sure you hear the stories however you may see for your self simply how damaged the system is and how unqualified a number of the guards are.

The show 60 Days In is primarily based on individuals who pose undercover in a county prison to show corruption. The participants live in the prisons as prisoners, while show producers film goings-on. The show demonstrates the risk and violent components of prison like fighting, smoking marijuana, and greater. Its dangerous work, but those undertaking it hope that ultimately their participation will help their community’s prisons operate better. 

Although I liked the show I admit there were a lot of dangerous situations however that’s what makes the show compelling to watch. In Season 1, Episode 2 Robert’s cover story falls apart which can potentially be dangerous since a lot of the other inmates already suspected that he wasn’t a convict. In Season 1, Episode 4 Robert goes to solitary confinement in attempt to show the other inmates that he is one of them. In Season 1, Episode 12 an inmate gets beat up for stealing.

60 Days In takes what people are inclined to do for the cameras to entirely different level. Seven people voluntarily enter a prison to expose the correctional facilities corruption. Participants received training in advance and were given a safe word to indicate to the producers that they were at risk and needed to be pulled out of the situation. This show definitely satisfies the curiosity of non-offenders.