Action and horror are picked as favorite movie genres

Jesus Martinez, movie critic

There is no greater joy than putting a laptop on your belly and binge-watching movies/tv series (according to Crestless Wave).  

In a random survey of “What genre of movies do you enjoy watching?” Morton East students 87% of Students reported that Horror movies were their favorite and 72% said that action is their favorite.

What is a movie? A movie is a story either meant to be understood by the director’s view or just meant to be entertaining? Regardless it’s fun to watch and have an hour or more experience. 2021 seems to be that year where the audience were getting hyped up to see such as Godzilla VS Kingkong which won the box office of 390.9 million, Mortal Kombat. and their’s movies everyone is excited to soon watch such as A Quiet Place Part 2, Cruella, Fast of the Furious 9, etc. 

So, why do we love movies?  According to the “popcornoncouch” website, “There is more to why we love watching movies than just entertainment and a way to pass time. Movies allow us to feel different emotions; thrill, happiness, sadness, intensity, comfort, shock, nervous all these roller-coaster of emotions is one reason why we love watching movies.” 

That’s why there exist different types of movie genres.  When we feel in the mood to feel scared we pop in a horror movie.  If we want to watch a movie that’ll have us laughing, we watch comedy. That is why I’ll be cracking down to see what kind of genre most people enjoyed watching by interviewing teachers, students, and Cicero residents. 


1) What’s your favorite movie genre?

“Horror,” Algebra teacher Kristeen Anthonsen said.

“Action movies are my favorite to watch,” Senior student Issac Hernandez said.

“I love comedy; I dive myself into them,” Cicero resident Melissa Martinez said.

(Indeed, my personal favorite would be drama.  I just thought of including mine.)


2) Why do you like the genre?

“Love to be scared and the anticipation about what is going to happen,” Algebra teacher Kristeen Anthonsen said.

” I enjoy watching a badass being themselves engaging in the action,” Senior student Isaac Hernandez said.

“I just like humor and watching humor by hearing jokes in comedy movies just makes me laugh,” Cicero resident Melissa Martinez said.

(I do find myself enjoying a good 80’s action movie)


3) what are your favorite movies from that specific genre? 

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hills have eyes,” Algebra teacher Kristeen Anthonsen said.

“John Wick, Rambo,” Senoir student Issac Hernandez said.

“Good boys, Birds of Prey, Napoleon Dynamite, Austin Powers,” Cicero resident Melissa Martinez said.


We all have our mojo for movies with a selection of titles to watch whatever we’re in the mood for. This is Jesus Martinez from the Morton Pony Express.