BTS World Domination: one super fan’s summary of what to know

Blanca Valdez , Reporter

BTS World Domination is happening now.

BTS, also known as Bangtan, are seven boys from South Korea who started in a small company called Big Hit. They debuted in 2013 the youngest being 15 and the oldest being 20 in American age. They did not have money they had talent. They had a small apartment all seven boys living together ages being 15-20 and they all shared one room while they had the youngest get his own bed. BTS talent started to be more shown when they came to America and were on the show “America Hustle” learning about the music industry.

BTS is big around the world. Around 2017 they were the FIRST Korean boy group to perform at the billboards and everyone kept talking about them, which got them even more famous. They are humble millionaires who fight over the rice cooker and just enjoy performing.   That’s why their army of fans loves them so much.

Check out these videos: 2013 dance video 2020 dance video 2020 dance practice

BTS is also known as the first Korean group to be nominated for the Grammys — but they didn’t win.  (A lot of media coverage claiming the Grammys were unfair followed.)  Dynamite was the song that got BTS a nomination and here is a chart showing you BTS should have won and the music video to vibe to. Dynamite  music video Dance practice to Dynamite

BTS did end up making a live video explaining how grateful they were to be nominated for an American award that means a lot to a music artist. They said they won still because they have their fan’s army’s by their side and they will work and harder and better.

BTS has written songs about depression, anger, losing a loved one, and suicide attempts. The train 10 hours a day on their singing and choreography.   Jung Kook claims he gave up his childhood at age 13 to be raised by the other six older boys in the group.

BTS stands up for what is right; they gave $1,000,000  to the Black Lives Matter movement — their fans raised and matched their donation to BLM as well.

BTS has done amazing things — yet they still get hate.  I am happy to be by their side, a member of the army, learning their culture, growing with them, and being a super proud fan.