“Fuego en la Sangre” most popular novela for Morton students

Esmeralda Franco, Reporter

Teens love drama, so it stands to reason that “Fuego en la Sangre” is East’s favorite telenovela.

According to Britannica.com the most popular form of television in Latin America, telenovelas are serial dramas that tend to run five or six nights per week in prime time for a limited duration of up to eight or nine months. They typically develop a specific main story, along with various subplots involving major and minor characters. The themes usually involve family dramas, romance, villains, urban settings, social mobility, and, increasingly, contemporary social issues. They dominate prime-time viewing hours in almost all of Latin America and tend to receive the highest audience ratings of all programs. Since 2000. Telenovelas grew out of radionovelas, 15-minute radio segments that were the first broadcasts in the 1930s. In the 1950s, similar programming debuted on television in 30-minute segments that were later extended to a full hour. Traditionally geared toward housewives, these early programs were usually broadcast during the day, and their storylines were written for middle-class viewers. The most popular Novelas are Fuego en la Sangre, Lo que la vida me Robo, Rebelde, Mi Corazon es tuyo & Al diablo con los Guapos. In a random survey of 50 Morton students, 42 voted that “Fuego en la Sangre” has been the best telenovela.

“I’m such a huge fan of telenovelas, I love watching them they are dramatic and funny they really get my attention I could spend hours watching them and never get tired but my all-time favorite novella is “Fuego en la Sangre.;” it’s definitely a good novela.  It has a little bit of everything,” Cicero resident Daniela said.

Although there have been many novelas.  The most popular one of the history of telenovelas would be “Fuego en la Sangre.” Many people talked about their characters and plot; it seems that many people liked it and watched it.  But, not everyone.

“’Rebelde’ is definitely my favorite novela probably because after this novela the band Rebelde kept going and I’m in love with all of their songs. I could still listen to them and I for sure know the lyrics of every single one of their songs,” Morton East senior Daisy said.

Many people also just like novelas for specific reasons for example in this novela a famous teenage band were the main character’s and for that reason many teenagers enjoyed this novella because they could relate so much with their story.

“Siento que las novelas de antes eran mucho mejor, mas bonitas uno se entretenia mas, tenian mas sentido. Las de hoy ya son mas modernas y a mucha gente ya no les gustan a mi en lo personal ya casi ni me gusta mirar novelas por lo mismo que las novelas de hoy ya no tienen sentido,” a Morton East parent said.

On the other hand, nowadays, many people stopped watching novelas for the reason that novelas from today are more modern and lots of people don’t like that. They prefer the 2000’s novelas with love, sadness, revenge and so much drama.