Monopoly top board game for Morton students


Sarai Hernandez

Monopoly was the top favorite board game for students. Sorry was the 3rd favorite board game.

Sarai Hernandez, Reporter

Monopoly was the favorite board game for Morton students.

Have you ever played board games and wonder if there’s any benefits of playing? According to Bucks County Free Library the benefits of playing board games is that it increases brain function and teaches you how to set goals and be patient. Over time game boards teaches kids and adults about teamwork and how to win and lose gracefully, also it can benefit a kid’s brain and language development according to Scholastic Parents. Traditionally it has been said that keeping your mind engaged means your exercising it and making it stronger. Customarily a stronger brain has a lower risk of the brain losing its power Health Fitness Revolution stated. In a random survey of 44 Morton East High School students, the majority reported that Monopoly was their favorite board game, The game of life was the 2nd runner up.

“A new favorite of mine is Trouble. My roommate has the Trolls version and I have never played before. I was the last one to “win”, but I still had a great time. I would also say Connect 4 and puzzles, but puzzles are not board games! Do you feel that gameboards benefit you? And how?, I do feel that they benefit me because I am usually playing with friends and family. It is a great way to relax or be competitive with others, especially during the times we currently live in. It also helps pass time or can be a good break from work, like homework or being on the computer. I do also agree that board games benefit others. You learn communication and motor skills as you play. You have to read the rules or the instructions, communicate with others, and be aware of what is going on. You are always thinking! I think in specific board games are a great benefit to younger children learning to play with others and elders who want to continue to work on those skills and strengthen them,” Journalism teacher Ms. Noelle Lowther said.

Usually, board games bring family together.

“I enjoy playing board games, I think the benefits of playing them would be having fun playing them with friends and family,” Senior Sonia Lopez said.

Customarily, not everyone enjoys board games, but for many people they feel like it benefits them.

“Monopoly. I feel they do benefit me, they are fun and a good way to exercise your brain. I believe they stand to benefit everyone for that same reason. It can differ depending on the exact game you are playing, but at the very least they do tend to build a sense of community. I play these types of games with my grandmother all the time as she is getting older, and I do see a difference in how she behaves one day to the next depending on when we play any of those types of games,” Morton East teacher Mr. Colin Gunst said.

Now a days, game boards are beneficial for the real world.

“It depends on which game boards benefit you. For example Monopoly gives you an example of the real life like how to deal with money and taxes. Uno helps you with your IQ and how to create strategies to win the game,” Cicero resident Evelyn Hernandez said.