“I’m not okay (I promise)” by MCR voted best rock song of 2020


Vivian G. Valencia, Reporter

“I’m not okay (I Promise)” (My Chemical Romance) voted the #1 Rock song of 2020 for Morton East Students and Cicero residents.

In a random survey of 55 participants being of a combination of Morton East students/Cicero residents the answers were all divided by contrasting numbers.

All these song featured in this survey are from 2003, 2004, 2007, 2012, 2013 although we all might not all remember these songs they are favorites of numerous.

“I’m not okay (I Promise)” (My Chemical Romance) came in first place with 17 votes.

“MCR has always been a popular Rock “emo” band that everyone at least knows 1 song off. “I’m not okay (I promise)” was and still is popular, it’s simply catchy and the music video is eye catching. What’s not to love, ” Senior Karina Lopez said.

“Bring me to life” (Evanescence) came in second place with 13 votes. This song was recorded in April 22,2003 being their debut single that was then featured on the Daredevil soundtrack.

“I don’t listen to this genre of music a lot, but I do know this song and I think that it got popular again because of Tik Tok and other social media. I think too with quarantine back in March 2020, a lot of people went back to their favorite things like music to pass the time and be comforted, ” Teacher  Ms. Lowther said.

“Can you feel my heart” (Bring Me The Horizon) with 13 votes came into third place. The British band released “Can you feel my heart” in their fourth hit album released in April 1, 2013 and instantly became a fan favorite due to the meaning behind the song. Oliver Skyes wrote this song about his struggles to escape drugs, alcohol and people. The  song was written in a form of an apology which  stuck out to fans. Recently “Can you feel my heart” became popular on Tik Tok and although the meaning is being interpreted differently the song and band is gaining recognition.

“Bring Me The Horizon is one of my favorite bands and this song really makes me feel less alone when I feel like I don’t have much. I’m glad the band is gaining recognition they deserve,” Junior Raquel Miranda said.

“Dear Maria, Count Me In”(All Time Low) received the fewest votes with only 6 out of 55.

When asked on why they thought “Dear Maria, Count Me In”

(All Time Low) came in last place, this was one of the responses,

“I think that a lot of people didn’t vote for it because they didn’t know the artist and don’t have a good taste in music, ”  Senior Melanie Palencia said.