Students split on best game system


Araceli Moreno

My mom took a picture of me while I was playing Xbox.

Michael Moreno, reporter

Morton East students are split on the best new game system these days — the new PlayStation5 or the new Xbox Series X.

According to That people are finally will be able to buy the new gaming systems this year. Both of the gaming systems are mostly the same thing.  The Xbox Series X has more powerful graphics than the ps5, but the ps5 SSD is faster. The difference in in-game performance on each system, then, is likely going to depend on your gaming monitor.  The only difference between the consoles is that the Xbox is going to have cross-platform for the Xbox game pass, and Sony only wants to focus on first-party experiences. In a random survey of 50 students, 28 people would get PS5, and 22 students will get the Xbox series x when it comes out.

“It had better performance and resolution more storage option, the controller is firm and doesn’t feel cheap. The cost is affordable feels, has a good GPU power ps5 is better looking, ps5 has exclusive games. Some virtual reality games, you have to wear a VR on your face for it, and its 4k resolution,” Senior Ruth Nava said.

Clearly, some people would choose the PS5 over the Xbox Series X, but other people would choose the Xbox because it has better graphics.

“I feel that the ps5 is going to offer a better experience when playing rather than the Xbox. The ps5 is going to have a better downloading system. Even though the Xbox is going to have better graphics, I rather play a system with a better server. I’m anxious about buying the ps5 because it’s going to be a different level of gaming,” senior Ozziel Fernandez said.

Usually every four years people pick the PlayStation, but this time people could switch up to the Xbox.

“I will choose the PS5 because it has better specs than the Xbox Series, for example, the PS5 will be able to run games at 4K while the Xbox will only run them 1080p. Meaning the games won’t look better than a PS5. Also, more of my friends have PlayStation and will be switching to the new ps5,” senior Josue Diaz said.

Some students agree that PS5 is going to be better than the Xbox Series X.

“I will choose the Xbox because the majority of my friends have it. Gaming is all about having fun and you can’t have fun by yourself,” cousin Isidro Orozco said.