‘Hostel’ still haunts as most disturbing movie

Eric Torres, Reporter

The most gruesome, most vile, most disturbing horror films for Halloween time? ‘Hostel,’ says Morton.

According to, ‘’gamespot.com’’ the most disturbing horror film is ‘Hostel’ which was released in (2005). Traditionally during Halloween season horror movies are seen as being fascinating and entertaining. Historically Halloween was an ancient tradition to ward off evil spirits; oddly, now Halloween is a day for trick or treating and watching horror films.  Somehow the movie Hostel, which contains gruesome torture is found entertaining by most viewers.  ‘Hostel’ earned $19.5 million in the first week of release; by the end, it earned over $80 million at the box office. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 35 students found the movie ‘Hostel’ to be disturbing, yet thrilling at the same time.  

‘’ I find the movie ‘Hostel’ to be not only a classic but one of the eeriest films.  I still find it hard to watch some scenes,” Berwyn resident Anthony Herra said. 

Another Berwyn resident agrees:  ‘Hostel’ is spine-chilling yet an enjoyable film. 

“I’d say Hostel is by far the vilest of films.  (Try) re-watching the film multiple times — each time becomes more and more difficult to watch,” Berwyn resident Rosa Castro said.

Of course, there are other movies that creep people out.

Most disturbing horror film.  Yes, it would have to be ‘Audition’.  It is a Japanese flick from the early 2000’s, and it’s about a girl who is infatuated with a guy. She lured him to where she lived and kept him in a sack in her attic — and tortured him. Talk about a disturbing/psychological flick, I am freaked out right now just talking about it!’English teacher Amanda Genge says. 

Another English teacher feels differently on which horror film is found most disturbing on Halloween. 

‘’’The Purge’ (is most disturbing) because it’s frightening to think people could be violent like that and then just go back to normal life the next day,” English teacher Karen Judge said.