MEHS determines most disturbing horror movies


Layla Thomas, reporter

The majority of Morton students enjoy watching disturbing horror movies.

According to the article “30 Disturbing Horror Movies so Disgusting and Twisted You’ll Never Unsee Them,” Lisa Bernier lists and describes some of the most disturbing horror movies. Interestingly, Each movie listed contains scenes of horrific torture. Movies on this list include Saw, House of 1000 Corpses, The Human Centipede, I Spit on Your Grave, and many more. In a random survey 47 out of 62 students voted yes, that they enjoyed watching scary movies.

“Oh, there are so many, but let me keep it brief. Dawn of the Dead, the original George A. Romero version, still remains one of the most disturbing horror movies I have ever seen! There is a particular scene inside the mall that still makes me uncomfortable. The original The Exorcist movie with Linda Blair is also such a disturbing horror movie. I used to teach the novel in a Horror and Supernatural Literature course, and the book is even more disturbing,” said English Language Arts and Media Service Director, Mr. Jim Monaco.

A student felt differently.

“I enjoy horror movies. The most disturbing movies are the movies directed by Rob Zombie. Like House of 1000 corpses, 31, and The Devils Rejects. In each of these movies torment and killing is what makes them so disturbing,” said senior, Aliyah Thomas.

A former Morton student has a different opinion.

”The most disturbing movie I have watched was I Spit on Your Grave, some scenes made me sick to my stomach but I can’t help but watch scary movies,” Said former Morton East Graduate Clarissa Marroquin.

A Morton East director talks about disturbing factors in horror movies.

”For me, the psychological undertones of a horror movie help to make it disturbing. Usually horror movies that disturb me the most are ones that mess with my psyche and make me think: “Wow that could actually happen to me” or “I cannot believe that people have actually gone through this.” I love a good horror movie that is outlandish where the antagonist keeps coming back no matter what happens to them, but when I have to suspend my disbelief too much, the “disturbing” factor lessens for me,” said English Language Arts and Media Service Director Mr. Jim Monaco.

Many people enjoy horror movies, even the disturbing ones.