Does music help with mental health issues?


Vivian Valencia

A couple of albums/books that help me with my mental health.

Vivian G. Valencia, Reporter

Various opinions on music and the way it helps mental health issues are circulating at Morton East.

Music helps with a variety of mental health issues, including depression, trauma, and schizophrenia to name a few. According to Harvard University, music is a prime piece in a human being. The human brain takes music as normality, gives us serotonin rushes, and can also make us sorrowful. Music helps from depression to surgical patients, working to calm them and ease the pain they are feeling. Conventionally a New York study where forty patients were under evaluation proved how music helps with surgical patients. Half the patients were going through the procedures without music; the other half listened to music before, during, and after the procedures. Those who were provided with music felt calmer and those who didn’t felt quite nervous. Other patients commented on how music will decrease the need for anesthesia. Interestingly provided information on how music helps with creativity, social connection, relaxation, expression, and motivation for the daily. You can see music doesn’t only help with Mental Health.

According to a survey of 53 Morton East students, 51 believe music helps with mental illness issues when only 2 believe music does not help with mental health issues.

“Anything that isn’t mumbled rap, Yes, think that music helps with mental health such as it can help people calm down when having a panic/anxiety attack. Certain types of songs can change the mood of a person and it can make them mad or happy as well as sad,” Senior Alondra Perez said.

For instance, music also helps with figuring out your emotions and thoughts.

“I believe that music can help with mental health, the genre that helps me would be rock, punk/pop. I feel like the lyrics speak to me in a way to understand what I am going through,” senior Melanie Palencia said.

Music can help those going through tough times comprehend their thoughts and emotions. That’s why the brain has much to gain from music as well. The brain and mental health both go hand, a  quote from John Hopkins state how if you want to keep your brain to keep going and functioning brightly to listen to music. Not only will it help your memory but It’s like a workout but for our brain(s) and allows us to sleep well.

“For sure, music helps with mental health. I would say the obvious, “Emo” Music which mostly includes Rock. I would say every genre of music helps with your mental health. It’s not just one specific genre,” college student Silvia Martinez said.

Looking at these three quotes you see how music helps these individuals with their mental health. The genre of music is different however it all works for the same deal. 51 out of 53 have voted yes to music helping them with their mental health, but does it help you?

What kind of type/genre helps you?