Round One: Is it a Flop or Not?


Most students have not been to Round One; for those who have gone, it was not a pleasant experience.

RESULTS: In a random survey of 130 Morton East students, only 50 students have been to Round One. Round One is a multi-entertainment facility offering Bowling, Arcade Games, Billiards, Karaoke, Ping Pong, Darts, and even a Kids Zone play area within the complex. Offering a variety of activities, Round One is unparalleled by its competitors. In 2008, Round One Entertainment Japan began looking overseas to the United States for more growth and expansion., . In 2010, the company opened its first U.S. location in the City of Industry, CA. The biggest challenge for the company at that time was that “Round One Entertainment” was an unknown entity in the United States. But within a few years, the 2nd and 3rd locations in California were opened, and Round One is now rapidly expanding nationwide, across the US market. Prices range from $4 for shoe rental to $80 karaoke.  Most students from Morton who have been, complain about the atmosphere it is around. There is plenty of complaints made about Round One because of it’s attachment to Riverside Mall.

“When I went to Round One, there was already people getting kicked out by the manager. It was expensive as well as packed with too many people who weren’t actually playing the games,” said Senior Gabe Sanchez.

It is evident that most students don’t like the atmosphere around the arcade.

”(I) didn’t really enjoy my time there because I found the prices to be unreasonable, but what I did find enjoyable the selection of things to do,” said Senior Jennifer Mandujano.

Some students don’t like the pricing that it has because it is unreasonable.

”There was a fight in the parking lot when I first went with my friends. When we went inside, it was okay, but too many random people not playing games,” said Junior Miguel Dominguez.

It is clear that Morton East students don’t like how some people are there for no reason and not playing the games.

”I love Round One because it’s a cute place to hangout with my boyfriend,” said Senior Daniela Salgado.

A little bit of students liked Round One because it’s a cute place to hangout with their significant other or friends.

”I went when it first opened and I had gone with my family. It was super packed when I went, but I had a fun time when it was our turn to bowl. The games were limited but fun. I haven’t been back since, but I would consider going again,” said Junior Victoria Mata.

Students mostly loved the things you can do there, but the atmosphere is just the problem, and it’s too packed.