Video Games becoming even more popular


Joel Gallegos

Senior Bryan Orozco, is playing Call Of Duty Zombies.

Joel Gallegos and Nelson Cano

Most students at Morton East play video games, survey says. 

Video games right now are bigger than all the major sports combined in entertainment. people around the world go to E-sports to view all the players compete against each other head to head to see who really the best gamer is. Games like Fortnite and Minecraft are the most popular games today that are bringing the gaming community back together. More than 250 million people are playing Fortnite  and about 91 million people have been playing Minecraft. (In a random survey of 78 Morton East students, 58 students reported that they play video games.) 

“I spend 300 dollars in final fantasy special edition, but I don’t recommend people to do the same thing,” Mr. Moore said. 

Video games can help people improve their reaction time. People can be faster than normal since fast paced games can help them in speed. 

“They are good as they help reaction time and building blocks in the brain. Makes people produce dopamine in their brain which makes them want to come back for more which could lead to a future gaming career,” Junior Student Maximiliano Gallegos said. 

Video games can be fun to play, but once you get into the game you might start to get out of hand, especially if it involves some sort of weapons and violence. 

“what I think about video games is that some have too much violence, also some people get into the game too much making some people act violently. Games back then were much simpler,” Mariella Gallegos said 

Games are starting to become more and more addictive now because they always have some sort of thing that can make you feel good once you have acquired what you were trying to get. 

“They could be fun to play, but they can change people’s lives because they can get too addicted,” Gissel Gallegos said. 

Playing games can be like living in another type of world where you can almost do anything you want. People can feel free playing these types of games and forget about their problems that they have in the real world. 

“Video games are like a drug and they keep them from the real world,” Arizbeth Gallegos said. 

Some students join computer programming to possibly start a career on making video games, but not all want to make games. 

“No students go into gaming specifically but do got into computer programming” Mr. Smith said.