Morton students prefer horror movies

Melissa Salgado and Alexia Hernandez

Most of Morton East students and staff enjoy watching scary movies.  

According to Google, the scariest horror movie is the Blair Witch Project which was released in 1999. Scary movies cater to a wide audience of people and are generally liked by those who are seeking a thrill or an adrenaline rush. Scary movies range on a spectrum from funny and spooky to gory and horrifying. According to an online article, more than 50 scary movies are based on real stories or actual events. In a recent random survey of 133 Morton East students, 126 answered “yes” when asked if they liked scary movies.  

“I like when there is a new trend or a new theme,” Mr. Dugan stated after being asked what his favorite part about watching scary movies is.  

With a recent interest in scary movies, fans are excited about the upcoming Halloween remake that is going to be released especially now as October draws closer.  When asked about the recent Halloween movie coming up, English teacher Ms. Orozco acknowledged her feelings about it.  

“I’m kind of mad they aren’t acknowledging any of the old Halloween movies,” she said.  

Some students have favorite scary movie scenes.  

“My favorite scene was when like Michael Myers was after the girl. I loved the feeling you get in your chest you get scared and start to yell,’’ senior Maria Del Carmen said. 

Scary movies are genuinely made to enthrall a person with its jump scares and overall eeriness of the plot. To some scary movies aren’t that great.  

“I don’t know if I have one because I don’t like scary movies,” Ms. Orozco said with an animated look when asked what her favorite scary movie is.  

Overall, scary movies are generally liked by many despite the few who tend to shy away from the fear factor that scary movies bring.   Considering it’s now early October, some good scary movie recommendations are The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Insidious series, and White Noise.  

“Happy Death Day was a little bit scary, but a whole lot of fun.  Ms. Genge and I saw it together.  It was kind of a hip take on the classic slasher movie – except the same girl got killed over and over,”  journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.