Morton students prefer Bdubs

Pedro Zuniga, Alan Lopez, and Aaron Fajardo

Buffalo wild wings is more preferred in Morton East high school than Wingstop.  

In a random survey of 120 students, 51% choose buffalo, while the other 49% chose Wingstop. Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1982.  A place were sports fanatics gather around to enjoy sport entertainment. Wing Stop started in Garland, Texas in 1994. The nearest locations of Buffalo wild wings are 7130 Cermak Rd, Berwyn, IL  and the nearest location for wing stop, 2240 S Cicero Ave, Cicero, IL in cicero.  

“(I go to) Buffalo Wild Wings, the one on Harlem because it is the closest” Senior Veymer Ramos said 

Staff at Morton East also agreed that Bdubs was better than Wing Stop for various reasons. 

“It is a good diner with great customer service,(i don’t) remember anything bad” student counselor Miss Alvarez said.  

Although the majority favored Buffalo Wild Wings, others still preferred Wingstop because of their value. 

“the deals are better because on certain days of the week they serve 60 cent boneless wings and they recently gave this deal of 25 wings for $17”, Senior student Chabeli Duran said.  

Although money is a factor, a lavish environment is something to consider as well. 

“I think Bdubs is better because it’s like a real restaurant I feel like Wingstop is more of a fast food place,” sophomore English teacher Mr. Brad Reid said.  

Aside from the experience, the flavor of the food is another thing to regard.  

“I don’t like getting dirty with bones, boneless is cleaner, you can eat them with a fork”, Senior student Brayer Martinez said.