Career Profile: You want to be a Plastic Surgeon?

Daniela Gonzalez

There number about six schools that after a four-year bachelor’s degree in Pre-med. The least expensive tuition (includes fee) seems to be at the University of Illinois at Chicago for $15,064 for the year. However, Malcolm X Community College offers an Associate degree in pre-med. Tuition at Malcolm X would run you about $4,408 for the year. However, because there is no associate degree offered at Morton College, you could petition offered at Morton College, you could petition the school, fill out the paperwork and apply to pay prices for about half the price if not more. Some of the more expensive private schools that traditionally offer Morton students scholarships at one of these four-year schools, the most economic option be to pursue the associate degree at Malcolm X college and petition and pay Morton College prices at $1,320 (for full time). Then if you are desire a Bachelor of Pre-Med, you could take additional classes at University- possibly part-time, while you work in the field.  

I interview Dr. Lisa Peters she is a plastic surgeon  

  1. Q= what university did you go too? 

A- I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I received my undergraduate degree with Honors in Biology and I then moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Vanderbilt University School of Medicine where I received her M.D. in 1995. 

  1. Q= How many did it take you? 

A- It took me about 11 years to complete my education.  

  1. Q= when your operating a patient what goes through your head? 

A- My goal as your surgeon is to provide the best possible care to help you look and feel your best.  

  1. Q= What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?  

A- Most importantly you need to be really focused and patient. Anything could happen when operating a patient. You need to be prepared with any last-minute decision and it could be tough at times.   

  1. Q= What are other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?  

A- I received in general surgery, plastic surgery and the American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgery. 

  1. Q= What are the biggest challenges in your job?  

A- The biggest challenge is probably fixing someone who got botched by another plastic surgeon. 

  1. Q= What is one thing you enjoy about your job? 

A- Seeing my patients happy with their results and feel confident about themselves. 

  1. Q= Is the pay worth it? 

A- Yes, the paying is extremely good I believe it’s worth it. 

  1. Q= What advice would you give someone who always to become a plastic surgeon? 

A- My best advice is to have good mental health, study a lot and be patient. 


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